Has your business taken a negative turn or maybe never even peaked? Are you finding it hard to make your goods and services recognized? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you simply need to stop thinking and start acting. Most likely your business is lacking the six basic principles truly needed to boost your sales and win your client’s trust. At CopperCopy we won’t let these imperative principles go un-noticed.

1. Know who you’re dealing with.

2.Make the message about the other person and his interests, needs, and desires ….not about you.

3. Spell out the benefits that he will get by taking the action you are recommending.

4.Make the benefits concrete –– easy for him to imagine.

5. Support your claims with proof or logic.

6. Keep it simple. Presenting a single idea in different ways bolstered by mounting evidence is much stronger than a string of different ideas.

If these principles are included in all of your communications, you are guaranteed to notice an increase in revenue and a stronger market positioning. True copywriting will give you a stronger competitive edge and make your competitor weaker.

At CopperCopy we practice the art of persuasion, an art that helps you change the way you react to specific situations; it changes the way you view the world and the way others look at you and your business. People start to gravitate towards you and doors that have been closed to you will eventually start to open. We are here to provide you with the ingredients for a money making recipe.

These are just a few of the many secrets we at CopperCopy use to write good sales copy. Discover what the powers in the art of persuasion can do for you.Let us reach out for your success!