When you are about to start promoting a new or existing good or service, the main aim would be to educate the consumer about what you are offering and to help them understand how they are going to benefit from your offering. It would be useless going on about how successful your company is and how you have taken over the market because your target audience do not want to hear all this jargon. But what they do want to hear is what you are offering, how they are going to benefit from it and how they can get their hands on it which brings me back to the title of this article ‘With Copywriting – Less is More’.

No matter what means of communication you choose to use, be sure to highlight the offer in the title, subject line, header etc.  If you have a car cleaning Services Company promoting a week of discounts it would be useless advertising ‘Best place to clean your car on the island’ or ‘we clean while you wait’, thanks Einstein but don’t flatter yourself. What people really want to know is how they will benefit so you need to go for something like ‘THIS WEEK – we’ll wash your car 50% cheaper’ or ‘Two car washes for the price of one’. It is very important to grab the reader’s attention from the very first moment he sets eyes on your promotion. It only takes a few seconds to lose a reader so make sure to keep him glued. Once you have gained his interest, he will then read on however here you still need to keep it short and sweet.  Make it snappy and make them feel happy as I did below.

‘THIS WEEK – Sparky’s will wash your car 50% cheaper’


‘THIS WEEK – half price on all Sparky’s car washes’

It’s time to give your car a shine – so do it now and save a dime. Come down to Sparky’s this week and for as little as €5.50 we will give your car a whole new look – inside and out.

We guarantee you’ll be back on the road within an hour and while you wait you can enjoy some refreshments in Sparky’s cafeteria.

Sparky’s – your one stop shop for service with a smile!

As you can see in the title I have highlighted what the offer is to grasp an interest from the reader. Then in the first sentence I have gone into more detail telling the reader how much money he would need to pay while making it crystal clear that the car will get a new look  – INSIDE AND OUT.

Second and last sentence I highlighted what every client wants to hear, fast service with a smile and what they can do while waiting. Bottom line – In just two sentences I have emphasised all I want to say and everything the client wants to hear.